Isabelle and Peter

Love the VIP membership card. Loved even more that I could talk with experts!! Your site ROCKS!!

Isabelle and Peter(Married 1/4/2012)


Samantha and Codiee

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! You and your team are just amazing!! I truly felt like Cinderella at the ball :) Love Love Loved it!!

Samantha and Codiee(Married 12/10/11)


Jezaihina and Ton

Online consultation was perfect for us. We are based in the US - and just wanted some general advice at $2.00 a question it was such a steal!!

Jezaihina and Ton(Married 3/3/2012)


Leonora and Dante

Loved the dashboard - and how easy it was to navigate, but my FAVOURITE thing was the owner made contact with us directly. We felt so special! :)

Leonora and Dante(Married 15/7/11)


Sarah and Paul

The Bridal Suite was amazing and the team was so professional! We used their planning services for our big day & would recommend them to anyone!

Sarah and Paul(Married 31/8/12)