1. How do I achieve that radiant bridal glow ?

   Every bride has a unique beauty and on this grand occasion you will want to look your very best! You can start with a basic skincare regimen 5 - 6 months before your wedding day. This involves:

1. Cleanse your skin twice a day, use a good cleanser that is appropriate and gentle enough for your skin type.
2. Use a make-up remover at night.
3. Moisturize daily.
4. Exfoliate once to several times a week.
5. Cut down on cigarettes, alcohol and caffeine as these constrict blood vessel flow oxygen and nutrients to the skin.
6. Follow proper nutrition as poor quality food sources further decrease nutritional support for your skin.
7. Increase water in-take.

2. Should I wash my hair on the day of the wedding ?

   It is better to wash your hair the night before the wedding. Slightly dirty hair provides extra texture that will help to hold the style. If you prefer to wash your hair on the day there are hair products available that will certainly provide texture and help keep the style in place. 

3. Do I have to invite my boss to the wedding ?

   You do not have to invite your boss or anyone else you don't feel comfortable having at your wedding. Minimise expectations by making it known that you will be having an intimate wedding with only a few guests. Just remember to keep wedding talk to a minimum in the workplace even if you are overflowing with excitement. 

4. Can I negotiate with my vendors ?

   When dealing with vendors, it’s important to develop a partnership and trust to ensure they are best suited for you and your wedding. Communication is key in achieving this. Be honest with them and let them know up front about the amount of money you’ll able to spend with them. If you’re firm about your budget, then they will be able to provide you with a realistic plan. Speak up if you have concerns, listen respectfully to their offers, but keep discussing options until you’re both satisfied. 

5. How Do I Personalize my Wedding ?

   Your love for each other is unique and so should your wedding day be. There are plenty of tips and ideas available to make your wedding unique and personal. But to ensure that it is unique to you and your fiancé, think about your special interests and hobbies that you share together. Or, maybe there is a special place that you have lots of great memories at. If you incorporate these elements and "feelings" into your wedding then it will be truly unique and personal. 

6. Is it appropriate to ask for money as a wedding gift ?

   As more and more couples are financing their own weddings and with the cost of weddings rising it is becoming more popular and acceptable for newlyweds to request a monetary wedding gift. Your guests appreciate that for newlyweds a monetary gift is far more useful to them than a traditional wedding gift. Here is an example of a clever little wedding poem you can include in your invites. Your presence at our wedding is present enough, but if we're honoured with a gift from you, a penny or two would help our dreams come true!" 

7. What do I do if I feel my maid of honour is not being very helpful ?

   The best way to handle this is communication, talk to her in a non confrontational manner. She might be waiting for you to approach her with tasks you would like her to be involved in. If you have already done this and she is just neglecting her duties, then ask her if she has something else going on in her life that she is dealing with. Ask her if there is anything she feels she cannot handle and consider reassigning these tasks to one of your other bridesmaids or having two maids of honour. 

8. How far in advance should I shop for a wedding gown ?

   It's a good idea to start as soon as possible, 8 - 9 months before the wedding is an adequate time to start. This gives you plenty of time to shop around for the perfect dress. If you are ordering your dress it could take up to 3 months for your dress to arrive and then you still have to make time for alterations! If you have purchased your dress early try to not look at it too often encase you grow bored and tired of it. Also keep in mind that you will need somewhere to store it. You may ask if you can have it stored at your seamstress or at the store you purchased it from. 

9. Can guests RSVP to our wedding on our site ?

   If you are a VIP member then yes you can organise to have a wedding website in which guests can RSVP. Alternatively when you receive your RSVP’s using our seating planner you can enter all the guests details and put their RSVP status as well as allocate them to a table 

10. How do I use the Seating Chart ?

   There is nothing you can't do with our customizable Seating Chart which allows you to add different types of table, adjust the room size, print out a copy to send to your wedding planner and much more!

11. How soon after I purchase my membership should my card arrive in the mail ?

   Approx 10 – 14 days after you have ordered it

12. How does the membership work ?

   Depending on your level of membership – we have negotiated deals with SELECT vendors that will entitle you to exclusive deals – not accessible to the general public or even those vendors special guests. You MUST present your membership along with VALID ID in order to get the unique deal. Your membership number is directly associated with your name. A vendor may refuse honouring the deal if you are not in person to redeem it. Please refer to the vendor page on the website to see the unique deals available to you and our Terms and Conditions for further information. 

13. How long is the membership for ?

   12 months 

14. Can I hire a wedding planner to assist remotely ?

   Yes we have a unique planning and consulting service that allows our clients to work with us from anywhere in the world. This can be organised over skype / email / phone / in person – whichever is most suitable to our clients. 

15. What if I forget my password ?

   Please click on the “forgot password” button when logging in and you will automatically receive a reminder. If you run into any problems – please contact our customer service team on customerservice@bridalsuite.com.au

16. Live Chat – how does this work ?

   This is for assistance and questions regarding the website and the membership. Our Admin team will not be able to assist with questions regarding your wedding and will redirect you to the appropriate forum for you to get assistance.

If you have other questions that you feel should be included on here – please email info@bridalsuite.com.au with FAQ ADDITION in the subject line  - and let us know your questions and we will endeavour if suitable to get it online. 

1. Ascot

Scarf-like necktie worn looped under the chin. This tie is worn with the cutaway.

2. Bakeware

Items used in the kitchen to bake with; cake pans, muffin pans, cookie sheets, etc.

3. Bone china

Fine china known for it's characteristic translucency and whiteness. Fired at very high temperatures and containing bone ash as one of it's ingredients. Bone china is very thin but strong and is resistant to chipping.

4. Boutonniere

A single flower, or very small arrangement of flowers, usually worn by men on the lapel of their suit jacket.

5. Buffet

Tables or sideboards set up with food and/or refreshments in which guests may walk up and serve themselves.

6. Calligraphy

A fancy decorative style of handwriting.

7. Charmeuse

A satin fabric with a soft, lightweight and flexible finish.

8. Chiffon

A lustrous sheer fabric. Chiffon is lightweight and often layered.

9. Chuppah

A canopy or arch of flowers in which a couple stands under during Jewish wedding ceremonies.

10. Cookware

Items used in the kitchen to cook with; saucepans, saucepots, frying pans, etc.

11. Corsage

Small arrangement of flowers worn by women which is pinned on their dress near their shoulder.

12. Crystal

Crystal is the highest quality of glass one can buy. All crystal contains a certain percentage of lead, thus making it softer and much more fragile than glass. Crystal is clear, transparent, and sparkling. It is not dishwasher safe.

13. Cuff links

Jewelry used to fasten (link) shirt cuffs.

14. Cummerbund

A sash worn, with pleats facing upward, over the waistband of suit trousers, which take the place of wearing a vest.