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Congratulations on your engagement! You're officially nearly weds!

This is where the real fun begins! In the coming months you'll be swarming with ideas about caterers, photography and flowers galore! Luckily www.thebridalsuite.com.au is here to help guide you through this process!

Our focus is on providing you with an elite group of suppliers. The crème de la crème of suppliers.

It’s so easy to get lost on those websites with swarms of suppliers, never truly knowing who is reliable, who will deliver great quality. Who will truly care about making your day spectacular?

We know you’ve got enough to worry about without having to search hundreds of websites to find the supplier who will truly take care of you. so we have bought them to you.

My Story

In March 2009, I was caught completely off guard. My then boyfriend of 7 years proposed to me. I was beyond happy. I couldn't wait to tell everyone. And then he dropped a bombshell. He wanted the wedding in August. 5 months -- I thought he was insane. How on earth was I going to get a wedding planned in 5 months??

With a background of over 15 years in the events industry, I put on my thinking cap – calmed down and thought okay. . . I can do this.

I mean I'd run hundreds of weddings over the years – sometimes 8 in one weekend. I would be fine. . .

Well. . . .Was I in for a surprise?

Planning my wedding quickly became one of the most stressful experiences of my life. I had 5 months to find photographers, videographers, send invitations out and get them back, organize catering, flowers, venue, celebrants, centerpieces, bonbonniere’s.

I felt like I was in a logistical nightmare. And the prices. . . . How was I going to afford half this stuff?? How many people were going to be invited to the wedding? How many people in the bridal party? Are you ready for this?? 270 guests to the wedding And both myself and my husband had a total of 10 bridesmaids and 10 groomsmen - - making our bridal party a whopping 22 people!

The Invitations

A close friend who was a graphic designer took on the phenomenal role of sending out invitations, designing them, rsvp, menu cards, thank you cards, seat placements - - and did the most amazing job. Often graphic designers have great relationships with printers - - this is a great way to help alleviate some costs. Compiling the list of invitee's - I had to do. But she honestly did everything else - - I would have been completely lost without her.

The Dress

What do you mean you need 6 months to organize my dress?? I'm pretty sure those were the words out of my mouth when I was trying to find a dress.

By the time I got around to organising a dress I was about 4 months away from the wedding. I had no idea what I wanted. And the idea of trying on wedding dresses did nothing for me.

They all looked the same.

I felt like I was in a sea of white and was so over it.

My sister suggested I attend a wedding expo, it can sometimes be a little less overwhelming, and she was right.

No more than 5 minutes in the expo – there it was . . .the perfect dress on a mannequin, and I knew that was what I wanted.

When it comes to your wedding dress, do not compromise what you want. . you will know when you find the right dress. . . it’s your Cinderella moment.

That doesn’t mean the dress needs to be excessive in price, and it doesn’t mean that it has to be custom built from scratch. . it just needs to be perfect for YOU!

The Venue

This is a venue you fall in love with and you simply know when you walk in - - that this is where your most precious moment is going to happen.

Do NOT settle, and don’t feel like you are forced to go with a certain venue, or being pressured by the venue to select them or you “may lose the booking”

Remember they need YOU not the other way round.

Never ever book with a venue that will not permit a menu tasting! Whilst you may not get the opportunity to eat during your wedding, I assure you - your guests will.

Like us - make sure you say exactly what you do and don’t want at your menu tasting. Again this is your day and you can have whatever you want!

We were exceptionally lucky to have held our wedding at Leonda By The Yarra in Hawthorn - the quality of food, the exceptional service, the wedding coordinator who was a dream and the GM - ensured that we had the most amazing experience.

The Ceremony

There is no pre-requisite as to what is right or wrong. We held ours in an adjoining room to Leonda By The Yarra.

With some gorgeous flowers, chairs, a little red carpet, and lighting, this room transformed into something amazing. You do not need to spend Big Bucks to create the perfect ceremony - - it's already perfect because everyone you love is in one room.

The Timing

Venues do not have a need for you in their peak time. In fact they are so busy that they do not NEED your business.

The demand for them often far outweighs the supply. So pick your timing carefully.

We picked a winter month - banking on the fact that business may be a little bit slower. We also picked a Sunday and had a day wedding.

A morning ceremony followed by a reception that commenced from 2pm, and all these factors assisted us - in being able to meet our budget constraints, especially given our numbers.

The Flowers

No; expensive does not mean good quality service. Just because you use a top florist does not mean you will get the best experience.

My very first appointment with a so called “TOP” florist was a disaster - she didn't even both to show up on time and I was left waiting in the rain.

Needless to say I never used their services.

So I decided to do what most of us do when they aren't sure where to start I jumped on Google. Okay - - so I did have a few suppliers up my sleeve that I had worked with - - but none of them really jumped out to me. Then I came across a supplier whose service and flexibility just blew me away.

It was like they simply knew how to transform what I wanted into a reality. I didn't have to go with the most expensive option to get my vision - - they were more than happy to work with my budget to give me what I wanted.

The Celebrant

NOIM - - what?? I had never heard of it – what did it even mean? Well NOIM stands for Notice of Intent to Marry.

Did you know that if you do not have one submitted 1 month prior to your wedding date you cannot legally get married?

Well we sure learnt the hard way.

Having hired a highly recommended celebrant - 3 months prior to the wedding, you'd think he would have taken the time to mention the NOIM.

So 1 month and 4 days prior - - I accidently stumble across a website that mentions this and when I raise it with him he advises that we won’t have enough time to do it, and in his own state of concern for forgetting about it – he withdraws as our celebrant

I was devastated (although it was a blessing in disguise at the time).

I called my boyfriend and shared what had happened with him through blubbering and sobbing.

I felt like an idiot.

How could I have been running events for over 15 years and never heard of this??

Through some miracle and persistence of calls - I came across a celebrant Rita Cohan - who was like an angel.

With open arms she took us in - and made everything right again. You know how sometimes things just happen for a reason. Well I truly believe that. Rita was one of the most unbelievable people I had ever met. I was so grateful for what happened - and that it led me to her, as she truly made my ceremony something to remember.

The Hair

Now I have to share this because it was just way too funny.

So I wanted the best (as every bride does).

I wanted the best hair dresser that money could buy, because obviously they would make me look amazing.

Sounds good in theory.

So I went for my pseudo hair makeover about 2 weeks before the wedding, after having a consultancy with them and sharing what I wanted.

I thought I’d bring my mother in as I always value her opinion.

So they had taken the time to do the hair of a mannequin to show me what it would look like.

Thank god they did that on a mannequin and not on me.

It looked like a bad beehive on its head - with spikes coming out of it.

I was sure I had said soft curls and romantic as a feel . so I was a little confused?

This is what the young kids like now - was what they advised.

Yeeeeeesh. what "young kids" were visiting that hair salon needless to say I didn't use them.

I was able to locate another hair salon – that was exceptionally accommodating and even did a free trial of my hair to win the business (given that we had 10 bridesmaids and mother of the bride that would be using their services).

The Photographer

Just because they take a great photo doesn’t make them a great photographer.

I thought I had the perfect photographer - his photos were out of this world.

He was so polite and generous in our early discussions - he seemed to know exactly what I wanted to hear and his consultation and mannerism was immaculate.

Well this immaculate photographer nearly succeeded in ruining my entire day.

Firstly - - Never NEVER Never pay a photographer in full UPFRONT.

I'm sure you've heard many horror stories by now - on how many photographers hold pictures to ransom. . well it’s true.

The proofs took nearly 1 year and the photos 2 years to come to me, and he charged over 3k more just to release them to us. . . and when it’s the only images of your special day. . you just want them safely in your hands.

Make sure you put the terms of when the photos and digital pictures should be received by you.

Do not miss out on anything.

We required 2 x photographers and paid for this service accordingly.

My photographer called me 24 hours before the wedding and advised that the secondary photographer was a contractor and they had changed the rates they were charging him, so he wanted to change the rates we had agreed to.

It was completely ludicrous and unprofessional.

I was very upset that he had the audacity to call me to say such a thing. Keeping in mind those 24 hours before your wedding the last thing you want is a problem.

So how did the photographer pay me back for not permitting the rate change? He turned up 2 hours late pushing the entire wedding back.

Okay.so it is what it is and I just wanted my perfect day and nothing was going to ruin it so I let it go - and just dealt with the fact that I had lost time.

No, he still had more surprises for me. I'm an ultra-efficient and organized person so when it came time to discuss photo locations and shoots, I provided him with full details, and maps on where we wanted to do this.

Do you think he even looked at one of the locations do you think he even knew where to go. No, he had absolutely no idea!

Of course I wasn't carrying maps on me in my dress so we simply got in the cars and drove - and stopped wherever and whenever to get some shots.

Make sure which ever photographer you use that someone you know has used them or someone reputable recommends them.

Don’t rely on Google or mass wedding directories. These photos are way too important to let anyone just do it?

The Limousines

Okay girls - so you need to contend with the fact that The Wedding Dress can become The Footprint Dress.

I lost count of how many people stepped on mine. However I didn't expect that from leaving the hotel and getting into my car I would end up with a major black mark on my dress.

Why? Because the ning nong I hired didn't put a tire cover on.

Sorry, correction. . . he put a tire cover on the care that carried the bridesmaids. . .just didn’t for the one that carried the bride.

So remember. . . Tire Cover, Tire Cover, Tire Cover.

Oh and unlike ours make sure they don’t lock the keys in the car?

The centerpieces

This is a statement, this is a talking piece. You can go with romantic and alluring, you can go with unique and different or you can do what we did and go with Chocolate!

That's right decadent chocolate placed on a mirror in the center of the table.

Let's just say we didn't have to take anything home.

The Entertainment

We picked a live band and listened to hundreds of demos before selecting what we wanted.

Bands can certainly take a toll on your budget ranging in price from 2 - 7k for the event.

So make sure you are truly 100% happy with them.

Another way to alleviate costs is to use a DJ. Remember you need to feed the entertainment to.

If you look after them, they'll look after you.

I'll leave it there for now. there is so much more to this story.

It was a comedy of errors that made the day everything it was and I'm of course more than happy to share.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me at CLICK HERE
Thank You
Adriana Brusi
The Bridal Suite Pty Ltd