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The Bridal Suite is a site which prides itself on providing brides and grooms with a high end alternative to the standard, run of the mill and massively overpopulated generic wedding websites. For this reason, each category on the directory is limited to only FOUR of the best suppliers. The Bridal Suite is not only a common-sense directory of high-class, professional and specialist suppliers; but it showcases the creme de la creme of suppliers in the marketplace. The Bridal Suite not only provides you with access to these amazing suppliers; but has also negotiated on your behalf exclusive deals that are only available to our Members and VIP Members. Your wedding day is your most precious day; why would you settle for great . . . when you can have extraordinary!!

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The day of your marriage, it's true So shiny and fine, With all best friends beside you To have a good time. We wish you showers of love Starting your lives as one, And happiness shared together May reign your lives forever!

A promise of a wedding, That two hearts truly make, A vow to be loving, To guide, to give and take!


"Love the VIP membership card. Loved even more that I could talk with experts!! Your site ROCKS!!"

-Isabelle and Peter(Married 1/4/2012)

"Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! You and your team are just amazing!! I truly felt like Cinderella at the ball  Love Love Loved it!! "

-Samantha and Codiee(Married 12/10/11)

"Online consultation was perfect for us. We are based in the US - and just wanted some general advice at $2.00 a question it was such a steal!! "

-Jezaihina and Ton(Married 3/3/2012)

"Loved the dashboard - and how easy it was to navigate, but my FAVOURITE thing was the owner made contact with us directly. We felt so special! "

- Leonora and Dante(Married 15/7/11)

"The Bridal Suite was amazing and the team was so professional! We used their planning services for our big day & would recommend them to anyone! "

-Sarah and Paul(Married 31/8/12)

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